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Glucosamine stands for D-glucosamine, is a monosaccharide composition, extracted from crab, shrimp, are highly бн
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE is a kind of pharmaceutical raw materials and health care products additives. Factors that inhibit the бн
MSM is an organic sulfur compounds, is the body's collagen synthesis necessary material. In human skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles бн
About Us
Established in Los Angeles, USA in May 2011, LeFeng International Inc. is an international trading company with its parent company located in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China. The key product of the company is Vegan-Glucosamine HCL, which has received U.S. Patent Number of US 8,383,808 B2. Furthermore, our product line includes creatine monohydrate and other amino acids products, which have received high remarks in the international markets .
Our company currently has seven employees and operates an 8,000 square feet warehouse. Over the past two years , our company has penetrated several new markets and enjoyed rapid sales growth at the same time . We have developed long-term relationships with over 40 companies and our products бн
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LeFeng International INC USA
Add : 3100 E. Cedar St, Unit 21 Ontario, CA91761
Tel : 909-923-7654
Fax : 909-947-7654
Email : chinoland@vip.163.com
Website : www.lefengusa.com
  • LeFeng International INC USA
  • Add : 3100E.Cedar St,Unit 21 Ontario,CA91761
  • Tel : 909 923 7654 Fax:909 947 7654
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